April 17, 2020

Mountain View City Council Approves Additional COVID-19 Relief, Suspends Evictions

Source: CBSN Bay Area


The Mountain View City Council has approved a series of relief efforts, branded as TogetherMV, to help local businesses, homeless persons, and vulnerable communities who are negatively impacted by the coronavirus and the statewide shelter-in-place order. TogetherMV includes an online donation portal that collects funds to support businesses, individuals, and local seniors and residents who are struggling with bills like utilities, sewage, and trash. The city also joined surrounding cities to pass an urgency ordinance to suspend evictions. If tenants are unable to pay rent due to hardships caused by COVID-19, including mobile home lot renters, then they cannot be evicted for 120 days after the May 31 expiration date of the ordinance.

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